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Unhallowed News

By: Ao - April 21st

We've Moved

New website:

By: Ao - March 4th

Tier 14 Review




Easiest Heroic Boss: Tayak (9 pulls)
Hardest Heroic Boss: Sha (164 pulls)
Median Pulls Per Heroic Boss: 41
Calendar Days to Complete: 145
Raid Days to Complete: 53
Most Frequent Heroic Raid Wipe Mechanic: Attenuation
Most Geared Person: Bloopbleep
Least screwups: Ao
Most frequent Oversleeper: Halfawake
Number of Elegon falling deaths: 6
Surprisingly easy heroic fight: Amber Shaper / Emperor
Surprisingly hard heroic fight: Stone guard (relative to gear)
Number of 3+ healed heroic fights (first kill): 9
Number of 3 tanked fights (first kill): 1

  • Omins: So this is what you do at work!
  • Ao: Nah, it's built into the spreadsheet. I just pasted it.
  • Mythrin: sure ao supposedly got the least screwups but he contributed to elegon falling deaths which is pretty embarrassing
  • Ao: so is failing on dark summoner for multiple straight days
  • Cmdrdeath: This is the nerdiest thing ever posted on this guild's website - congrats!
  • Ao: Shoulda seen the spreadsheet during T10/T11 when Cmdr topped the list of fails (excluding healers of course!)
  • Kadamony: I remember wiping on Zorlok, thinking it was only going to get harder from there. Those were dark days
  • Mythrin: psh dark summoner took like one night not days and I should of killed him like on the 4th attempt
  • Mythrin: i would have easily too with dps gear
  • Thistley: "Most frequent Oversleeper: Halfawake" You're welcome. ;D
  • Kromosom: I hope we convinced thistley to get back into raiding again =p
By: Ao - March 4th

Heroic Sha of Fear and Tier 14 Complete!

Killing Blow: [21:19:23.642] Ao Execute Sha of Fear 112118 (O: 120648)


Finally down!! With the 5.2 patch announcement a few weeks ago we were sitting at 12/16 Heroic Tier 14 with the hardest 4 bosses to go.  Things looked bleak on getting the coveted pre-nerf feat of strength for heroic sha especially given our raid schedule.  However the guild came together and made a comittment to do whatever it takes.  If we didn't get it, it wasn't going to be because of a lack of effort.  Very impressed with the extra hours and the sense of urgency.  While we had some frustrating raid nights on Heroic Protectors and Heroic Sha, Heroic Tsulong and Heroic Empress went down very quickly.


164 attempts on Heroic Sha in a little over 1 week and a 1% wipe a few pulls before the kill made it that much sweeter and the collective sigh of relief could be heard echoing through everyone's vent.


Not that we put a lot of stock into rankings but this puts us at US #74 10 man which is the highest we've ever been so it's a testament to the players we have in the guild at the moment.  Thanks to our entire raid roster especially those that weren't in on the kill.  Without everyone we wouldn't be where we are now.

  • Omins: Great Job everyone, That fight was epic.
  • Kromosom: Most important thing is we didn't fail on this tier :D
  • Kadamony: About time you got an execute killing blow
  • Ao: Ya too bad it was a sissy non-crit no-CD execute
  • Halfatree: grats all, job well done
  • Scorgehorder: Outstanding job in such a short amount of time.
  • Kromosom: Oh btw need more trolls for 5.2,lol
  • Khragar:
  • Mythrin: damn.... grats guys!
  • Terellin: Congratulations!!!
  • Thistley: Grats! And thanks for the consolation guild-achievement dragon for casuals. :3
By: Ao - February 22nd

Heroic Tsulong


So long Tsulong! Glad it didn't take too long. Time to finish off strong!

  • Casdon: hmm..weird
  • Omish: This reminds me of a song, starring some asian guy named wong, last name fong, Didn't ya know it he was really good at ping....PONG
  • Pooch: Omi that's not cool to make fun of people of a specific pool. It's makes you sound like a fool and for that we must duel.
  • Cmdrdeath: Love the photo, pretty much says it all.
By: Ao - February 20th

Heroic Protectors of the Endless

Killing Blow:   [21:22:07.160] Omins Lava Burst Elder Asani *270899*


Wow what a radically awesomely challenging encounter (help me bring back the word was cool then and its still cool now).  Very well tuned from both a numbers and execution standpoint which led to a lot of frustration and chippiness.  In the end, despite it being the most attempts of any boss this tier so far,  it turned out to be the cleanest and fastest first kill I've seen from all the videos I watched.  Stuff I could go a long time without hearing again:

"I interrupted the wrong thing"
"Oh I dispelled the wrong person"
"The lightning storm ground animation is not accurate" <---guilty
"@#$%^ I missed the interrupt again"
"Need a slow on the add"
"What group did you say is up Half"
"Did the boss just heal?"
"I don't know why my interrupt is not working"
"Oh there's a glyph for that?"
"WTF Tank died in less than 1 second"

I could go on but I must return to my heated tiddlywinks match.  Lucky green squidger don't fail me now!  Two more bosses left in very little time.  It's like finals week but without the foresight of a long break after to get you through it.

  • Halfatree: It was all in our heads, bring on the dragon
  • Halfatree: also, no monkey for you!
  • Pooch: cheers to our resident yakuza for bringing us Gnosis
  • Omish: Now that's a Lava Burst!
  • Mythrin: good to see a shaman with the KB
  • Bloopbleep: No one thinks radical is a cool word, also that lighting storm animation is bullshit.
  • Khragar: video - Notice the radical lay on hands at 4:47
By: Ao - February 13th

Heroic Empress


Killing Blow: [20:00:36.573] Pooch Thrash Grand Empress Shek'zeer 17182 (O: 3062)


Frantically racing to the finish line so we can be cool.  So get out of the way.  And stop dying to stuff. Except for falling deaths.  Those are ok.  Since it makes me laugh.  But nothing else.

  • Halfatree: go away gorilla, you're drunk
  • Terellin: I'm marginally curious what in current content could be a falling death.
  • Cmdrdeath: My guess it may be Pooch falling. If there is a way to fall and die, he's good at finding it.
  • Ao: elegon
  • Omish: That bloody Monkey....
  • Kromosom: That Monkey > YOU!(both of you)
  • Khragar: video -
  • Omish: Nice vid Khrags gotta turn up those tunes! More Krewella pls :P
By: Ao - January 28th

Heroic Amber Shaper

Killing Blow: [21:56:44.394] 'Druid' hits Amber-Shaper Un'sok 70072 (O: 21843)


Not nearly as hard of a fight as we were expecting.  Tweaked strats around a bit until we found our optimal tuning and then it was just a matter of executing.  And if that wans't good enough, fought through an epic world pvp battle against the Alliance afterwards to secure a rare Horde Galleon kill (only the 3rd since the expansion?)

  • Omish: This fight I enjoyed. The world PvP was awesome. Silly alliance, Stay outa our house!
  • Casdon: Yeah it was nice to do some pvp in a group environment, we were able to communicate well and beat them back to finally get some of us our first kill on the server, those camping Alliances, took us months to get a kill since it hasn't been up when we are all on.
  • Pooch: Let me start off by saying that the difficulty of this fight in no way matched the difficulty of getting this picture taken afterwards
  • Khragar:
  • Bloopbleep: You really put down druid as the killing blow nice!
  • Nîce: Psyfiend front and center, the true MVP of the kill!
  • Pooch: wow Bloop you make a good point...I never knew how deep Blake's hatred for druids goes...he cannot even name Half or myself for the killing blow....he can only say "druid"
  • Bloopbleep: Interestingly enough half's idea.
By: Ao - January 21st

Heroic Lei Shi


Post enrage and not the cleanest kill for a relatively simple fight but we'll take it.

  • Halfatree: epic screenshot
  • Pooch: agreed....lot of stuff going on here
  • Scorgehorder: A kill is a kill is a kill...
  • Kromosom: the ape make this screenshot epic!
  • Casdon: I got my own Army woot
By: Ao - January 11th

Heroic Zorlok


Killing Blow: [22:11:14.622] Casdon Arcane Barrage Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 44215 (O: 60277)


@$%^ this boss!  110 attempts!  Wiping every possible way you can and dealing with so many people's lag and screwups (myself included ! ).  So glad this !@%# is over. Oh did I mention only 1 person was alive when the boss died and only 2 dps alive for the last 500k health.


  • Khragar: Video -
  • Bloopbleep: Your taste in music can not be trusted.
  • Kadamony: hahaha exciting last 30 sec. everyone should watch it just for that
  • Halfatree: I wanna do it again!
  • Khragar: I have to include a song called "Echoes" in a fight where the major heroic mechanic is killing echoes.
  • Pooch: Interestingly enough our 2nd best ranked kill of the tier behind Heroic Will
  • Cmdrdeath: Sounds like you won't be farming this boss for gear!
  • Casdon: Ice Block for the win.
  • Khragar: The echo started casting song of the empress right when the boss died, so if the fight had lasted one second longer it would've been a wipe
  • Nîce: This picture would look 100% better with a big yellow ring going through everyone
  • Halfatree: fine, next screenshot gets taken with gratuitous spell effects from everyone.
By: Ao - December 17th

Heroic Wind Lord Mel'jarak


Two progression bosses down in one night.  GG wind bombs.

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